Mandala Float Studio

Rzeźnicka 2/69, 80-822 Gdańsk

Floatation session (30') + Classic Massage (60')

  • Floatation session (30') + Classic Massage (60') 60 min
    190 zł

Classic massage is the most popular massage, which, depending on the intensity of performance, can be curative, relaxing, stimulating. Classical massage includes treatments that are aimed at improving the psychophysical condition of the patient, they are used in the prevention and treatment of many diseases in the field of orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics and internal medicine. The direct effect of massage occurs at the massage site, improves lymph flow, stimulates circulation, cleanses muscles of toxins. It involves performing a series of manual massage techniques in the form of: stroking, rubbing, kneading, patting and vibration. Provides perfect and even immediate muscle relaxation. Lasting effects will be guaranteed by a series of treatments performed both as a whole and on individual body parts.

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